Jo the Toothless


He is a nearly-toothless dwarf who lives in Broken Teeth. He is married to Nana and spends as much time away from her as possible. His usual haunt is the “Tooth Fairy” bar. He is a known collector of eclectic items and trades them with people who earn his respect. One of the few ways to earn his respect is to best him in his favorite game: “teething.” Teething is played by each participant taking turns punching the other’s face until someone loses by losing a tooth. Each tooth lost equals an item or discount. Jo is gruff, yet congenial having perfected an attitude of carelessness to balance out his wife’s temperament.

*Most recently, Jo was found inside of T’kali’s petrified body having been recently turned into an undead thrall. He was killed by the adventurers


Jo the Toothless

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