A 30-year-old, human archaeologist. He has made a handsome living making ground breaking discoveries into the history of the Eastern Steppes, including uncovering an ancient dwarven city that garnered him most of his fortune and fame. He has recently undertaken the task of researching into an old legend of the ancient dragon T’kali. Hudson is a hyper-verbal man given to rants and obsessive in his tasks to the point of forgetting trivial things like eating and sleeping. He has walked into dangerous situations and escaped by sheer luck – all without being aware of the danger in the first place. His guards and assistants are well-paid and loyal (perhaps one is related to the other). He has a large amount of specific knowledge of certain cultures and histories.

*Most recently he was found in the throat of the petrified T’kali. He was one of the first thralls created by T’kali’s slow awakening. He was killed by adventurers.



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