Village of Broken Teeth

Make Mine Day

The adventurers finally managed to win the respect of Nana by showing proof of the dead giant that had taken her goat. Overjoyed at revenge and overcome by her loss, Nana offered the paladin who presented the head a lifetime supply of free cheese. She also turned over her entire stock for the day to the rest of the “heroes.” The adventurers also claimed a hoard of dragon scales from Jo in exchange for the giant’s teeth. The paladin was also able to learn a bit more about the Cult of T’kali. They worshiped an ancient dragon known for his penchant for hunting. The cult started as a way to appease the dragon and grew into a religious sect with ritualistic sacrifices. T’kali and his cult rose in power and infamy to the point that many different groups were called to fight against them. The cult was disbanded when the dragon was destroyed…but exact information has been hard to come by as far as to what happened to the cult or the dragon.
After gathering information, supplies, and accolades, the adventurers took up Hudson’s job of clearing the mines of kobolds. They met some resistance at the entrance of the mine, and dealt with it accordingly. The adventurers rushed into the mine and managed to clear some of occupants, but had to make a retreat to lick their wounds. Upon re-entering the mines, they found the kobolds a bit more prepared. Concealed traps and pikemen coupled with stinkpot and firebot slingers made the going a bit tougher. Still the heroes managed to clear out at least one tunnel before retiring to make their next attempt that much stronger.


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