Village of Broken Teeth

Getting Her Goat

Adventurers entered the town and made their presence known. Along the way, they engaged in conversation with Hudson and found more about his attempts to dig up artifacts and information on the dragon, T’kali. After talking the adventurers’ collective ears off, they entered town and he requested help with a kobold problem. The adventurers decided to pursue their own interests for a bit. Research was conducted at the Temple of Moradin; a crotchety dwarf was angered by rude requests for her cheese; a battered friend was repaired at the blacksmith’s shop; and teeth were knocked loose in the pursuit of information. The adventurers met Henrick, Jo, and Nana along the way.

Suddenly, there was an attack on the green by kobold warpriests hoping to poison the village’s water supply. The adventurers made quick work of them and gained notoriety in the village for their deed. The adventurers learned of two pressing issues: kobolds in the mines and giants in the valley. The adventurers chose to pursue the giants in hope of winning favor with the indomitable Nana. The fight with the young giant took every ounce of effort from the heroes, but they triumphed over the brute. They claimed the head of the giant, the bell of Nana’s favorite goat, and ten giant teeth.


a_wiley_coyote a_wiley_coyote

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