Village of Broken Teeth

The Path into the Village

Our “noble” adventurers broke into the supplies they have been carrying for a few days. With deftness and a bit of luck, they opened the chests without leaving sign of their trespass. Inside, they found archaeological tools. The adventurers continued on, albeit a bit disappointed that their treasure was not more “valuable.”

The main road was blocked by two well-armored humanoids. They claimed to be members of the Cult of T’kali and demanded the heroes leave their chests and turn back. They even offered to pay the heroes off. The adventurers refused and a fight ensued. During the battle, it became clear that the strangers were Dragonborn warriors. The heroes defeated them and looted their remains finding 5 healing potions.

Licking their wounds, our adventurers continued on the path to the village. They came upon a group of kobolds attacking a cart and its owners. The heroes jumped into battle and turned the kobold ambush into a full retreat recovering 5 gp from the kobolds. Despite destroying the kobolds, the brave but reckless dwarf found himself crushed by the cart. His body wasn’t beyond all repair so he got back on the wagon.

The adventurers learned the cart owner was Hudson, an archaeologist that was surveying the village. With this information and turning over the “only” (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) chest they had, our heroes push on!


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