Village of Broken Teeth

The Mouth of the River

The group continued their journey down river and learned some information from the crew. The river deposited into a mouth full of rapids and rocks. Once they got to the mouth, the group would have to set out alone.

Some group members managed to buddy up with one of the crew mates who gave them specific information about the Village to come. So far, all that is known is that the Village is home to a cult that worships an old god named, T’kali.

The group departed from Captain Barry and the main ship with their supplies and set out on the mouth of the river in row boats. They managed to navigate the difficult channels and rapids with very little damage to their boats. Once they reached the end of the rapids, they had their first run in the the T’kali cult.

A group of T’kali pirates were lying in wait for any boats that made it through the rapids. The pirates attacked the group as they floated down river. The pirates soon discovered that they had picked the wrong group to mess with. At least two pirates sank unconscious to the river bed (one thrown overboard by a wizard), while others were killed outright or set partially on fire. The group licked their wounds on the shore and found a strange symbol on one of the pirates.

The group now contemplates the best path to get to the village by dark…and whether or not they should peer into the treasure chests and crates they have been carrying.


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