Village of Broken Teeth

The First Steppes

At a the large city of Bank Town in the Eastern Steppes, there are many jobs to be found. Blacksmiths, merchants, caravan guards, and entertainers (to name a few) are in high demand. And one of the highest paying gigs is to travel to the Village of Broken Teeth to the north of Bank Town. The job sounds simple – take a supply of goods to the village that was already paid for – and the pay makes it hard to ask questions: 1,000 gold in receipt form to be paid upon arrival.

Will you make the journey or pass up the offer?

Our adventurers took Rigel up on his offer, but forced into revealing extra information and paying up front. The adventurers received 1,050 gold from Rigel and discovered that goblins had attacked on the route they were heading which was a useful warning.

The adventurers discovered a message about sunken rocks and goblins during the first leg of the journey and docked to take care of the pests. A true first test of their fighting skill, they routed the goblins with very little damage to their side. Scavenging the corpses, they found an Amulet of Health (+1) and another 100 gold. They tried to avoid the rocks but still hit one. It wasn’t a direct hit and the captain seems confident that they can patch it quickly.

The adventurers decided to keep moving instead of staying docked and took turns on watch. Some movement was seen on the western bank but a sharp eye kept whatever it was at bay.

The adventurers have one more river leg of the journey before reaching “The Mouth.” A delta said to eat ships due to the difficulty of navigating it. Then just a quick walk in the woods/jungle and they’ll be at the village with no trouble!

Player gold earned (each) – 230
Player ending level – 1.5


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