Village of Broken Teeth

The Discovery of the Cult of T'kali

An Old Enemy Becomes A New Ally

The adventurers explored the Moaning Mines and found kobolds and a young blue wyrmling. The wyrmling was working at the bequest of a young blue dragon named Baltha. The heroes escaped the mines defeating the wyrmling. They found among the treasures ancient dragon scales.

They found an ill-welcome among the village as the townsfolk were growing suspicious of outsiders. They had reason to believe that a group of Dragonborn had been attacking the village in the night. The heroes discoverd this to be true when the Tooth Fairy itself was attacked. The heroes saved the inn (barely) and earned some respect again. They left to pursue the Dragonborn attackers.

They caught up with them rather quickly (as though they wanted to be found). These Dragonborn bore the mark of T’kali and even called themselves the Cult of T’kali. But they spoke ill of T’kali and announced their purpose as the destruction of his remains. These Dragonborn were Reznor and Reiza.

The heroes were led by Reznor and Reiza to their old abandoned fortress. They found an entire group of Dragonborn dedicated to the destruction of T’kali. Books, potions, and weapons made for the destruction of the Ancient Dragon.

The heroes heard the sad story of how the ancestors of this group had worshipped T’kali. The ancestors had created sacrifices and empowered T’kali up until he was defeated. The worshippers were thrown out. Many tried to revive the dragon. Others felt as though a great curse had been lifted and sought to redeem their actions. They passed down the legend of T’kali and collected all the information they could.

But the heroes have to decide whether this group led by Reiza and Reznor truly seek to destroy T’kali or will be working to raise him…


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