Village of Broken Teeth

As the adventurers weighed their options with the Cult of T’kali, a green dragon appeared announcing himself as C’orinth as well as being a true opposer of T’kali. He told the heroes to come see him if they wished to truly kill T’kali.

The heroes curiosity of C’orinth and suspicions of the Cult of T’kali made their decision easy enough; they sought out the lair of the green dragon. Finding his den in the woods west of the Cult, the heroes questioned his motives. C’orinth stated that T’kali’s rule would be stern and destructive; he would rather hoard his treasure and live then serve T’kali and die. He gifted the heroes with magic armaments, and bid them to destroy one of T’kali’s servants, Baltha the Blue.

The heroes set off with their new gear pursuing Baltha back in the depths of the Moaning Mine. After dealing with traps and kobolds, the heroes found an entrance deep into the mine that dropped into a cavernous lair. Here in the dark, damp depths of the mine they found their quarry. The heroes managed to injure the blue dragon severely enough (thanks in part to the weapons from C’orinth) that the dragon retreated out of his lair. Reiza joined them suddenly hoping to help destroy the blue dragon in league with her ancient foe. The pursuit led them out onto a cliffside beach at the base of the mountains that held the Village of Broken Teeth. The heroes finished off the beast with some daring tactics.

After defeating the dragon, they noticed a cliffside wall made for climbing and followed it up. They encountered kobolds coming down and managed to fight them off (or in most cases watch them fall). On one of the ledges, they found an opening that had been hidden by magic. Upon revealing it, Reiza turned against them and most of the group were rendered unconscious suddenly. Certhas remained standing and knocked the Dragonborn unconscious. Now the group stands poised upon entering the opening to a hidden cave…


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