Village of Broken Teeth

A Deal with Dragons

As the adventurers weighed their options with the Cult of T’kali, a green dragon appeared announcing himself as C’orinth as well as being a true opposer of T’kali. He told the heroes to come see him if they wished to truly kill T’kali.

The heroes curiosity of C’orinth and suspicions of the Cult of T’kali made their decision easy enough; they sought out the lair of the green dragon. Finding his den in the woods west of the Cult, the heroes questioned his motives. C’orinth stated that T’kali’s rule would be stern and destructive; he would rather hoard his treasure and live then serve T’kali and die. He gifted the heroes with magic armaments, and bid them to destroy one of T’kali’s servants, Baltha the Blue.

The heroes set off with their new gear pursuing Baltha back in the depths of the Moaning Mine. After dealing with traps and kobolds, the heroes found an entrance deep into the mine that dropped into a cavernous lair. Here in the dark, damp depths of the mine they found their quarry. The heroes managed to injure the blue dragon severely enough (thanks in part to the weapons from C’orinth) that the dragon retreated out of his lair. Reiza joined them suddenly hoping to help destroy the blue dragon in league with her ancient foe. The pursuit led them out onto a cliffside beach at the base of the mountains that held the Village of Broken Teeth. The heroes finished off the beast with some daring tactics.

After defeating the dragon, they noticed a cliffside wall made for climbing and followed it up. They encountered kobolds coming down and managed to fight them off (or in most cases watch them fall). On one of the ledges, they found an opening that had been hidden by magic. Upon revealing it, Reiza turned against them and most of the group were rendered unconscious suddenly. Certhas remained standing and knocked the Dragonborn unconscious. Now the group stands poised upon entering the opening to a hidden cave…

The Discovery of the Cult of T'kali
An Old Enemy Becomes A New Ally

The adventurers explored the Moaning Mines and found kobolds and a young blue wyrmling. The wyrmling was working at the bequest of a young blue dragon named Baltha. The heroes escaped the mines defeating the wyrmling. They found among the treasures ancient dragon scales.

They found an ill-welcome among the village as the townsfolk were growing suspicious of outsiders. They had reason to believe that a group of Dragonborn had been attacking the village in the night. The heroes discoverd this to be true when the Tooth Fairy itself was attacked. The heroes saved the inn (barely) and earned some respect again. They left to pursue the Dragonborn attackers.

They caught up with them rather quickly (as though they wanted to be found). These Dragonborn bore the mark of T’kali and even called themselves the Cult of T’kali. But they spoke ill of T’kali and announced their purpose as the destruction of his remains. These Dragonborn were Reznor and Reiza.

The heroes were led by Reznor and Reiza to their old abandoned fortress. They found an entire group of Dragonborn dedicated to the destruction of T’kali. Books, potions, and weapons made for the destruction of the Ancient Dragon.

The heroes heard the sad story of how the ancestors of this group had worshipped T’kali. The ancestors had created sacrifices and empowered T’kali up until he was defeated. The worshippers were thrown out. Many tried to revive the dragon. Others felt as though a great curse had been lifted and sought to redeem their actions. They passed down the legend of T’kali and collected all the information they could.

But the heroes have to decide whether this group led by Reiza and Reznor truly seek to destroy T’kali or will be working to raise him…

Make Mine Day

The adventurers finally managed to win the respect of Nana by showing proof of the dead giant that had taken her goat. Overjoyed at revenge and overcome by her loss, Nana offered the paladin who presented the head a lifetime supply of free cheese. She also turned over her entire stock for the day to the rest of the “heroes.” The adventurers also claimed a hoard of dragon scales from Jo in exchange for the giant’s teeth. The paladin was also able to learn a bit more about the Cult of T’kali. They worshiped an ancient dragon known for his penchant for hunting. The cult started as a way to appease the dragon and grew into a religious sect with ritualistic sacrifices. T’kali and his cult rose in power and infamy to the point that many different groups were called to fight against them. The cult was disbanded when the dragon was destroyed…but exact information has been hard to come by as far as to what happened to the cult or the dragon.
After gathering information, supplies, and accolades, the adventurers took up Hudson’s job of clearing the mines of kobolds. They met some resistance at the entrance of the mine, and dealt with it accordingly. The adventurers rushed into the mine and managed to clear some of occupants, but had to make a retreat to lick their wounds. Upon re-entering the mines, they found the kobolds a bit more prepared. Concealed traps and pikemen coupled with stinkpot and firebot slingers made the going a bit tougher. Still the heroes managed to clear out at least one tunnel before retiring to make their next attempt that much stronger.

Getting Her Goat
Adventurers entered the town and made their presence known. Along the way, they engaged in conversation with Hudson and found more about his attempts to dig up artifacts and information on the dragon, T’kali. After talking the adventurers’ collective ears off, they entered town and he requested help with a kobold problem. The adventurers decided to pursue their own interests for a bit. Research was conducted at the Temple of Moradin; a crotchety dwarf was angered by rude requests for her cheese; a battered friend was repaired at the blacksmith’s shop; and teeth were knocked loose in the pursuit of information. The adventurers met Henrick, Jo, and Nana along the way.

Suddenly, there was an attack on the green by kobold warpriests hoping to poison the village’s water supply. The adventurers made quick work of them and gained notoriety in the village for their deed. The adventurers learned of two pressing issues: kobolds in the mines and giants in the valley. The adventurers chose to pursue the giants in hope of winning favor with the indomitable Nana. The fight with the young giant took every ounce of effort from the heroes, but they triumphed over the brute. They claimed the head of the giant, the bell of Nana’s favorite goat, and ten giant teeth.

The Path into the Village

Our “noble” adventurers broke into the supplies they have been carrying for a few days. With deftness and a bit of luck, they opened the chests without leaving sign of their trespass. Inside, they found archaeological tools. The adventurers continued on, albeit a bit disappointed that their treasure was not more “valuable.”

The main road was blocked by two well-armored humanoids. They claimed to be members of the Cult of T’kali and demanded the heroes leave their chests and turn back. They even offered to pay the heroes off. The adventurers refused and a fight ensued. During the battle, it became clear that the strangers were Dragonborn warriors. The heroes defeated them and looted their remains finding 5 healing potions.

Licking their wounds, our adventurers continued on the path to the village. They came upon a group of kobolds attacking a cart and its owners. The heroes jumped into battle and turned the kobold ambush into a full retreat recovering 5 gp from the kobolds. Despite destroying the kobolds, the brave but reckless dwarf found himself crushed by the cart. His body wasn’t beyond all repair so he got back on the wagon.

The adventurers learned the cart owner was Hudson, an archaeologist that was surveying the village. With this information and turning over the “only” (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) chest they had, our heroes push on!

The Mouth of the River

The group continued their journey down river and learned some information from the crew. The river deposited into a mouth full of rapids and rocks. Once they got to the mouth, the group would have to set out alone.

Some group members managed to buddy up with one of the crew mates who gave them specific information about the Village to come. So far, all that is known is that the Village is home to a cult that worships an old god named, T’kali.

The group departed from Captain Barry and the main ship with their supplies and set out on the mouth of the river in row boats. They managed to navigate the difficult channels and rapids with very little damage to their boats. Once they reached the end of the rapids, they had their first run in the the T’kali cult.

A group of T’kali pirates were lying in wait for any boats that made it through the rapids. The pirates attacked the group as they floated down river. The pirates soon discovered that they had picked the wrong group to mess with. At least two pirates sank unconscious to the river bed (one thrown overboard by a wizard), while others were killed outright or set partially on fire. The group licked their wounds on the shore and found a strange symbol on one of the pirates.

The group now contemplates the best path to get to the village by dark…and whether or not they should peer into the treasure chests and crates they have been carrying.

The First Steppes

At a the large city of Bank Town in the Eastern Steppes, there are many jobs to be found. Blacksmiths, merchants, caravan guards, and entertainers (to name a few) are in high demand. And one of the highest paying gigs is to travel to the Village of Broken Teeth to the north of Bank Town. The job sounds simple – take a supply of goods to the village that was already paid for – and the pay makes it hard to ask questions: 1,000 gold in receipt form to be paid upon arrival.

Will you make the journey or pass up the offer?

Our adventurers took Rigel up on his offer, but forced into revealing extra information and paying up front. The adventurers received 1,050 gold from Rigel and discovered that goblins had attacked on the route they were heading which was a useful warning.

The adventurers discovered a message about sunken rocks and goblins during the first leg of the journey and docked to take care of the pests. A true first test of their fighting skill, they routed the goblins with very little damage to their side. Scavenging the corpses, they found an Amulet of Health (+1) and another 100 gold. They tried to avoid the rocks but still hit one. It wasn’t a direct hit and the captain seems confident that they can patch it quickly.

The adventurers decided to keep moving instead of staying docked and took turns on watch. Some movement was seen on the western bank but a sharp eye kept whatever it was at bay.

The adventurers have one more river leg of the journey before reaching “The Mouth.” A delta said to eat ships due to the difficulty of navigating it. Then just a quick walk in the woods/jungle and they’ll be at the village with no trouble!

Player gold earned (each) – 230
Player ending level – 1.5


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